I am Venom

I am Venom.
By PaulWADE-2012A Short Story.If you are reading this, you could be in great danger.
To explain this is, well, complicated.
I am guessing you have found these sheets, it may even be as a small book. Where-ever you have obtained this from, a bazaar, or one of those places we call these days “ret-parks.” (In my youth they were simply called shops, or markets. That was however, as you will learn a very, very long time ago.)  Be sure to conceal these pages, and I mean hide them well in any way you can.
What you have there is writing, on paper. Not my handwriting exactly but my words, printed, using ink, in a way no longer used.
The words, the topics spoken of here, is breaking every new law and Corporacy rule, and is extremely seditious.
You could be eliminated, deleted, killed, for just owning it.

Try to understand, people no longer use, or create paper documents. These sheets, or pages may have been among the last used for this purpose. I have to try and explain that this history is of their creation.
I am writing the truth. I was there, I was among the very first people to have been helped, then used and finally abused, in the ways I shall explain.
From those early days, came this hell, which you people live in today.
You people, my people, human beings, you are so completely unaware of what has happened, you do not even realize that alternatives exist.
That your life is another wholly contrived method of control.

Who am I?
I am Venom.
I shall not refer to myself by name that often, real name, or otherwise.
Regretfully, I have but few sheets to write all this upon, so I shall have to condense much and will do my best to explain in a way you’ll understand.

I am a little over 320 years old. I was born in the year 2001. The sheets of paper to which I referred earlier, have been kept concealed a vacuum pack until very recently. The Corporacy, have been hunting for me for many years.
Later I will tell you why, how it all came about and yes even how I remained uncaught for so long. (Not knowing when of course, you found these pages, I can only hope that I am indeed still alive, and free, or at least uncaught.)

Allow me a note here, if I get my memories confused from time to time, please allow leeway, as 300 years is a long time and much has happened in that time.
Even though I am still young in appearance, my memory flags now and then.

As I said, I was born in 2001. My childhood was not particularly unusual, things were for me the same as for many kids of my age, except I suppose, my parents were rather well off financially.
This was not significant until twenty years later, when I became unwell due to a problem with my liver.
Up until this time my education was good, my parents were attentive to me and history was a favourite subject for me. As was geography, thank my stars.

Technology during my youth, was by those standards fairly ordinary. On my 12th birthday I was given a new smart phone, as they were known. I already owned Computers, which could synchronize with everything else, from the TV to my iPhone. My friends and I could contact one another with text, sms, or video at any time, 24 hours a day. This was normal behaviour. I was about to become a teenager and except for the constant, nonsensical fighting over who people thought represented them to God, each day was pretty straight forward.
We were free to chose to do and behave in just about any way we saw fit.

By the time I was 20 years old however, all this began to change. I mentioned that I became unwell in my 20th year. My father was a well connected man and after seeing a Doctor, he had made sure I went to. I was sent to a place I had until then, never even heard of. (This company, has also been absorbed into the huge system you know as the Corporacy, in these days.)
It was back then, called NanMed. (I later learned it stood for nano medical.)
My first visit there was most strange indeed. Very unnerving and looking back, the beginning of the end, for all our people.

The building from the outside looked quite ordinary. Inside was another thing entirely. After passing through a kind of reception, beyond which was a vast laboratory looking room, larger than two gymnasium. Quite breathtaking, as nearly everything was white.
Even the people milling about the huge room, wore white boiler suites with hoods and goggles, made from a strange kind of fabric, which looked to me like paper, but was actually something else, much stronger. Everything was so completely white, that it was actually difficult to focus upon a single person, without somehow losing them for a few moments, as they passed in front of another white background.

After the usual pep-talk, which was given by a very attractive lady Doctor, (remember, I was a young 20 year old man/boy. Any female with a pulse was attractive to me then.) She, the Doctor, led me into a smaller room, which was actually set to the side of the massive room I just described, but as the door was also white, I wondered how she could see it at all.
Inside there was a mass of very high-tech equipment, all along each side of the room. In the centre of the room stood one of those medical examination beds. This too was covered in a pure white sheet, with a small pillow for my head.
I was then instructed to remove all my clothing.
My ardour now changed to that of shy vulnerability, as being naked in front of this attractive lady Doctor felt, well, very weird.

As I lay my head on the tiny pillow, three other people entered the room, also clad in the white boiler suite thing, with hoods and goggles, by this time the Doctor had also donned a similar outfit.
I was laying there upon the examination bench, stark naked and about the only thing in the whole building that was not white. Although, I could feel the colour in my cheeks rising by the second.

The Doctor asked me to calm myself and then explained that I will be given something to help me relax. She went on to say, that the injection I would receive will feel quite different from any I have experienced before. It would feel as if a small hot pea was travelling along your veins, she told me.
When the injection was made, it really did feel a lot like a small object was travelling along the inside of my shoulder, then into the veins of my chest, near where the injection needle had been introduced.

A few seconds later it felt as if this hot pea had exploded, a very hot sensation followed by a warmness, travelling this time in all directions.
The feeling was actually quite pleasant. I was relaxed and I could feel myself being somehow stimulated from the inside. I hoped upon all hope that I did not also get an erection, or I would have had to die, there and then.

Fortunately this didn’t happen. Mostly because the next few minutes were the most strange I had ever known up to this point in my life.
The Doctor spoke to one of the three people in the room, who along with the others, looked exactly like humans expected aliens to look, if we were ever abducted by these assumed aliens.
The person the Doctor had spoken to began counting down, 5-4-3-2- now!! The repair is under way, the voice replied, a young man by the sound of him.
Inside my body, an extra warm feeling permeated through my torso.

The Doctor spoke very quietly to me and explained that I had been injected with a number of microscopic computers, not much larger than a cell. These had been programmed to travel to my liver and cure, or repair the infected area, then to kill the infected cells, so that the liver could rebuilt itself anew.
I asked the Doctor about the “killing part” to which she replied the nanobots will eat and kill, whatever we program them to eat.

This whole process took maybe less than an hour, after which the reason for my state of undress became more clear to me.
I was passed over, from head to toe, by a number of very odd looking pieces of equipment, which beeped and flashed with coloured lights.
As soon as this last process was over, the Doctor explained another thing to me, which I gave less thought, or attention to, than I should have.
We are not going to recall the nanobots for extraction, she had told me. I have had them reprogrammed, to remain inside you, on search and destroy. They will travel through your veins killing any unwanted bacteria, virus, and/or repairing any unwell, or damaged organ.

I recalled the extremely long winded and complex forms, I had been asked to sign prior to having this procedure, which my father had assured me, were all in order. The Doctor sweetly explained, that this was one of the first uses of these types of nanobots and that the cost of removal, compared to reprogramming them, was a convincing incentive to leave them where they were.


Many, many years later, long after my parents had died, I came to realize that my maintained youth was because of the nanobots and the constant work they were still carrying out.
I had been back to this NanMed building several times during those years. During most of these visits, I was not totally aware of what the Doctors were doing. There was absolutely nothing conventional about the procedures being carried out. An injection, or the taking of some blood, all seemed fairly normal at first. Later, however, I accidentally learned what had been really taking place.

It was not that I was completely unaware of my surroundings, or what was going on. Friends I had known in my twenties, were now ageing considerably, some had even died. I  was still however, almost completely unchanged. I no longer looked 20 years old, but by now, some twenty years later, I probably looked about 27, 28 maybe.

The vital information I received came by complete accident, it happened through a silly prank, I had intended to play upon one of the young women who worked at the NanMed building. I really liked her and thought  may stand a chance of asking her out. Not that I has seen much of her I may add. So, I had obtained one of their white suits, along with the goggles and donned the lot. Thinking myself very cleaver, I joined what I guessed would be the group she was in and the people who usually dealt with me, when I came for my rare treatment sessions.

Without even a thought to who I may be, the group began discussing, well, me and everything. I was, as I was told three decades ago, one of the first to have been given these nanobots. I already knew this, but then came the new revelation that I had also been given several other substances, equally advanced and equally life changing. These substances, whatever they were called, travelled about inside my body much like the nanobots, all through my blood-stream.

It was startling enough to learn all these things, but even more disturbing was the debate that then took place, regarding the fate of the “untreated people of the world.” As the conversation went back and forth between them, I was able to learn that the Corporations, who owned and ran these nano missions, as they were called, had actually a set program to harvest an “A” group, planting and maintaining the best of them, where-by the “B” group would be eroded out, as they called it.

All these substances were maintaining exceedingly long lives, healthy ones at that. The people who were being given the later models, or versions of the nanobots, which previously needed similar tests to those I had received, were no longer required to come back to the NanMed building. The new sets of nanobots, could transmit data themselves.
All that the NanMed group had to do, was monitor the monitors, so to speak.
All the data was related to the health, and bodily activity of each person.

It all went, I was horrified to learn, way beyond that factor.
The location of the persons, along with certain physical activities, could also be received by their monitoring systems.
The nanobots were, as well as everything else they had been doing, transmitters of a very powerful kind. A range distance of at least 25 kilometres. The signals could be  bounced from various branches of the NanMed,, to ensure a total coverage.

This horrifying information left me quite numb. I slipped away from the group, then I raced away from NanMed as fast as I could. I decided I would need to think very long and hard about what I had learned, and to plan my next move very carefully indeed.

Having spoken to very few friends about any of this, those I did speak with, were only my most trusted people, friends who were like myself, long lived, but from my own era. Most of them had similar circumstances as myself. Older nanobots and no new updates,
I explained to them what I knew, having first made certain that none could actually transmit anything I said, by simply being in the same room.
One of my longest friends told me I was spitting venom, that I was being unnecessarily bitter about it all. After which I made up my mind.
I would become Venom.
I would fight against this thing, in any way I could.

Dear reader, it is an odd thing that happens when time means less than it used to do. The race to get everything done, immediately, passes for something else. Getting things done right.
Doing something faultlessly.
And that, is what I did.
I learned, in every place that I could gain admission, in every country in the world where I could gain entry.
I especially learned as much as I could about nano technology. All the medical aspects and the future designs, which could be born from the current models.

After long decades, I was fairly certain of all that was going on.
In a short form, this is what I had learned, and believed had happened up to that point.
Corporations had become even more wealthy than in the first two decades of my life. Governments, increasingly bowed to the pressure the corporations put upon them. Until finally, the nations which had been known as the leading democracies of the world became a Corporacy.
A mashed up name, which summed up rather well what had occurred.
Corporations then followed a similar line that the governments had before them, they took over, or destroyed any and all competition.
Large corporations ate up the smaller ones and subsidiarized the larger ones. The CEO heads, of the more international groups, became demigods. Their wealth went beyond mere riches.
They were not only now immortal, they were unstoppable too.
Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Words to die for.
I could not see how, if, or when, I could make any difference, or stop this avalanche of cement. It really was too big and too heavy to contemplate.
I would have to be quiet and bide my time. Maybe, just perhaps an opportunity would arise. I continued to watch and learn all I could. It really did seem like an eternity had passed, then I obtained the most disturbing information I had received for a very long time.

The proposed “A” group, Vs, “B” group rating, I had heard about all those years ago, had come back to haunt me.
Since all that time ago, those who became the new power, the Corporacy, had been running what I can best describe using a metaphor.
Imagine the entire population of Earth. Every single man woman and child.
Every race, every religion.
The plan, which had been under way for already at least four decades, was this.
Imagine there is a car race.
Six people are given a Porchè.
Four people are given a second hand mini.
The race is on…
So it was, that a full forty percent of the Earth’s population would not reach the  end of the race.
Forty percent of the world would die.
No help from the Corporations, either to live, or to die.
They simply would die.

The difference now, was that no child birth was allowed. Only those who were recorded, implanted and monitored constantly, would be given; only in preferential cases, permission to have a child.
As the worlds numbers dropped, so the steady and existing population, would be under total control. They would work, live and be absolute vassals of the Corporacy. This was the plan being executed. Successfully.
There would not be a minute of any day, or night, that people would be “alone”…
A new kind of human control had been finally created.
Communism, Democracy, Fascism, even Monarchy, had all succumbed to Corporacy.
The weight of money and power over the rights of man…
Total and absolute slavery.

Naturally this was all dressed in the clothes of reasonableness, logical progression and welfare. Who, by now, could argue?
It was no longer an idea. It was already done.
The people of the world needed shelter, homes, food, clothing and work.
This of course was given. In good style, too. Not that the people had a choice

There was too, a massive difference in world space and resources, with forty percent of the worlds population now almost gone.
It was undoubtedly one reason for the plan. Passing on the gift of exceedingly long life was also a planned move, in that the Corporacy would not have to train, or ever retrain anyone.
Not ever.

So there was my conundrum.
If there had been a religion, which was also eradicated, along with the priests, nuns and all those even close to those services. Too disruptive by far the Corporacy had decided. But. If there was still a religion, I would have felt just like David, against a whole army of Goliath’s.

As dejected as I had become. Avoiding the new inserts and injections, as I had been doing for decades now. I had unwittingly slipped under their radar. The early inception of my nanobots and the DNA stabilizing fluid stuff, they pumped me with, had not included the monitoring devices, or the new transmitting nanobot versions. I had also missed the last of the horrifying controlling factors, the skull implants.

These gave the Corporacy what it had been lacking, the constant visual aspects to their now unbelievably advanced computerization. Even biotechnology, combining organic substances, with working computing devices was now common place.

Then finally, came the death thrust for my retaliatory plans.
Some genius had developed and enhanced a programming system, for the massive Corporacy computer centres all around the world, called M.E.P.
This shortened name meant, Multiple Extension Protocol.
Put simply, it worked in a similar way as movie files did when I was a kid in 2012 / 2013. The movie files were a combined entity. Containing music, video, codex and so on.. JPG, MPEG, WMA, FLV.

What the new, modernized versions of M:E:P: did was to enable  all the Corporacy main computers, to receive and combine ALL data from everywhere.
Compress that data and make it into one single file, from which anything and any part, could be retrieved, played, seen listened to, or whatever instantly.
The other thing it meant was that the Corporacy could now monitor every single person on the planet, all the time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
There could not be a move made, a conversation spoken, or an action which would not be recorded filed and analysed within moments of it having taken place. From now on the Corporacy would need no other form of control.

The human race had become an immortal type of mankind, with a totalitarian hierarchy, ruling over a slave population.
How very sad indeed.

Sorry dear reader, some of this you may know, I doubt it, but I shall soon come to my close.
After several more decades of hiding and imposing myself into places of lower importance. I finally came upon a possible answer.
Many years, more than I could barely remember, I had vowed to end them.
An end to this world of slavery and robotic people.
A hundred years ago some bloody genius, from the services of the Corp. had informed them that people make the best robots, they are far more dexterous and actually smarter, if they are “programmed correctly”. With that he meant, “don’t give them too much to do.”

I am Venom.
I recalled my name. I remembered why I had earned that name.
And then, I remembered way, way back to my younger days, at the turn of the 21st century.
Computers could also catch a virus. There were some very bad viruses back then, there were some very bad things that happened to computers who caught a virus.

I am Venom.
I am going to infect the Corporacy with a very bad virus.
Their entire system runs by computer.
Logical, indefatigable, systematized computers. But, the Corporate gods, have become complaisant over the last three decades.
Who, after all, was their enemy now?
There were no enemies.
Except, one. Me…
I am Venom, indeed, yes, I am their enemy.
I am going to critically infect their system.
I am going to kill their power.
After that, it is up to mankind, to choose their next change.
Let us hope it isn’t another form of slavery.

It took me 12 years to realize that the virus to upset and ultimately kill the massive Corporacy system, is inside Me…
My more than 300 year old blood, still holds the original nanobots.
Programmable nanobots.
The ones that the sexy doctor decided to leave inside me, because it was cheaper than extracting them.
Oh thank you long lost, sweet Doctor.

I can program these older nanobots, to behave however I program them.
Do you remember I told you? I had learned all that I could learn about everything I could find to learn about. Especially nanobots.

My plan, is two fold.
One, I will program the nanobots to transmit my virus sequence.
This will pass directly into the main Corporacy systems.
These viruses will be relayed worldwide, immediately.
Two, I will draw enough of my blood and mix it with the massive blood exchanging units at the central Corporacy arena.
This center is used for new and replacement nanobots, mixed with blood for smoother injection delivery.

This sequence. Has been initiated and my blood planted at the center.
I did this just a week ago.
I then wrote these pages, either as my epitaph, or my crowning achievement.
If you are still alive in five days, then I will have succeeded.
If you have read these pages and it has any importance for you.
If you have true memories of the recent past, the hard work and boring life you have been living, this does NOT have to be endured any longer.
Tell others, tell many others. Go and work hard for your freedom.
In these five days, if my virus works, the Corporacy will no longer have a controlling computer system.
It will have been crippled and then eaten.

When the main computer dies, there will be no way to reload, or reconstruct the same system. My revised nanobots will recruit and reprogram all other nanobots they have contact with.
They are programmed to kill and then eat the main computer systems, all of them.
I do mean, literally eat the computers.
Everything until they are completely gone.

So, if in five days, you are still alive, or if you are free.
Remember me……
I am Venom.

Thank you for following and reading my contributions. I appreciate it very much indeed.
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